Teer Formula

What is Teer Formula?

Teer formula and dream number both are important to find the teer number of the day, week (aka Booking Number), or teer number of the month. In this page, we have listed the teer formula to help you guess the right teer number for day, week, and month.

Basically, teer is a mathematical game and so it has a mathematical formula to guess the right number. There are dozens of teer formulas out there on the internet, however, we have the best teer formula that we have personally tested with 90% accuracy. However, we highly recommend you test the formula with previous results before using it to be sure that your number is accurate enough to be used. We don’t guarantee the success of any formula and so, play at your own risk.

With that say, let’s dive into our teer formula:

Before we dive into the formula, there are some terms that are used in teer formula. One of the terms is value. There are mainly 0,1,2,3,4 that is resembled as digits and each of these digits has its value.


With the same concept shown above, we can expand any number and get the right number. There are 16 groups in teer game as listed below:

00=> 00,05,50,55
01=> 01,10,15,51,56,65,60,06
02=> 02,20,25,52,75,57,70,07
03=> 03,30,35,53,58,85,80,08
04=> 04,40,45,54,59,95,90,09
10=> 10,01,51,15,56,65,60,06
11=> 11,16,61,66
12=> 12,21,26,62,67,76,17,71
13=> 13,31,18,81,36,63,86,68
14=> 14,41,19,91,69,96,64,46
22=> 22,27,72,77
23=> 23,32,28,82,73,37,78,87
24=> 24,42,47,74,29,92,97,79
33=> 33,38,83,88
34=> 34,43,39,93,84,48,89,98
44=> 44,49,94,99

Teer Formula

Just like Teer Group, we can also categorize every number to a point by adding the two digits. For example number 45 = 4+5 =>9, here 9 is called point. Here is an example for you to better understand this concept.

0=> 00
1=> 01,10
2=> 02,20,11
3=> 03,30,12,21
4=> 04,40,13,31,22
5=> 05,50,14,41,23,32
6=> 06,60,15,51,24,42,33
7=> 16,61,25,52,34,43,07,70
8=> 08,80,17,71,26,62,35,53,44
9=> 90,09,18,81,27,72,36,63,45,54
10=> 55,46,64,37,73,28,82,19,91
11=> 56,65,47,74,38,83,29,92
12=> 66,57,75,48,84,39,93
13=> 58,85,67,76,49,94
14=> 77,86,68,95,59
15=> 96,69,78,87
16=> 97.79,88
17=> 98,89
18=> 99

Why is that so important? Let’s understand it from this example. Let’s say you have done teer calculation and found that you have found that Group of 17 will be Today’s result that means you have to play 8 numbers to get the payment. On the other hand, some online source or your friend tells you that today’s result will be 13 points i.e 6 numbers. So, now, you have both the correct prediction. On the basis of that, you now have two numbers as your result, i.e., 76 or 67, and these two numbers should be your common number for the day. The rest of the remaining numbers will be your normal numbers.

Calculation of Teer Number

To calculate the Teer number, follow the given steps:

  • Choose any day result and expand all the numbers using Groups & Points.
  • From this set of numbers, you will get the results at least one time within a week (playing days, 6 days in a week is generally playing day) and at least two times within two weeks.

Example: 08th July 2019, result was: 14-07


Group 14 => 14,41,46,64,19,91,96,69

Group 07=>07,70,25,52,75,57,20,02

Point 14=>86,68,95,59,77

Point 7=>07,70,25,52,16,61,34,43

Total Numbers are:07,70,25,52,16,61,34,43,86,68,95,59,77,75,57,20,02,14,41,46,64,19,91,96,69


10th July 2019, Result : 29-41, Success

11th July 2019, Result : 34-82, Success

We highly recommend you to test your formula before using it as it has potential risk of losing the game.

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