Blogging has become quite a popular way to earn money. If you love to write and have a lot of readers for your blog, then it is possible to earn a decent income from Blogging! In this article, we will be giving you a brief guide about how to earn money by Blogging so that you too can get started with blogging and enjoy earning money by doing things you love!

Earn Money By Blogging

Earn Money By Blogging

Here you will get complete details about the money earning through blogging. Get step by step explanation about the blogging here.

Step 1: Create a new blog

To actually start blogging you would need a website! The two most popular and easy websites which enable us to create blogs are WordPress and Blogger.

The most common blogging platform used is WordPress which lets you customize your blog to a big extent whereas Blogger is extremely simple to use and is pretty quick.

Step 2: Regularly update content

Nobody likes to read an empty blog or a blog with very few posts. Plus the more regularly you update your blog, the better will be your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Step 3: Optimize the SEO of your Blog

The more visitors you get in your blog, the better are your chances to earn money. A majority of visitors directly come from Google search so it is essential to keep great SEO for your blog. Always write original content and do not write short articles. WordPress provides many plugins which help in boosting SEO so utilize them to the fullest. Also make sure you use commonly used phrases and terms in your article as it will help people to see your blog on Google Search very easily.

Step 4: Monetize your Blog

Once you get regular visitors and have a lot of articles on your blog, sign up for Google Adsense and Monetize your blog so that Google can display ads on your blog and if someone clicks on them, you can earn money!

NOTE- Never Click on your own ads! This might lead to your Adsense Account getting banned!!!

Step 5: Work Hard and Be Patient

This is the most important rule of earning money from blogging as many bloggers lose patience and give up too early. Hard work, good promotion and great content and a lot of patience will be required before you can finally earn a decent income from your blog!

So put on your thinking caps and start writing, wishing you all the best for your blogging journey!